How do I get more votes?
By linking your Steem account and voting on posts. You will earn points based on how much you vote. The more active you are the more you will be rewarded.
Why don't I see my posts?
Posts that you have voted for are hidden. If you already voted for your post on Steemit you will not see it on SteeemEngine, but other users will.
Do I need to log in everyday and vote?
No but you must log in at least once a week or your posts won't show. Logging in once a day and voting is recommended as it is the best way to promote your own content.
Sometimes when I vote I don't receive points?
Likely you are voting too fast. The steem blockchain limits users to one vote every two seconds. Delay your votes by a few seconds and you should be fine.
What is the referral bonus?
You will earn 10% of your referrals votes.
Where is my Posting Key located? What do you need it for?
It's required so SteemEngine can vote/follow on your behlaf. We cannot touch your funds and you can remove your posting key at anytime.
  • Steemit -> Wallet -> Permissions -> Show Private key (Posting)
  • Why am I automatically voting for SteemEngine posts?
    You have autocuration enabled. If you would like to turn it off then go to link and click disable. Keep in mind that autocuation is the best way to gain points (10% bonus) and autocuration only happens once every 24 hours.
    How can I quit SteemEngine?
    You can leave SteemEngine at anytime. Press link and click "remove". To join back just re-link your account.
    Something isn't working!
    We are in the Beta phase. If you experience any bugs or problems please contact our team.